In-Building Services

In-Building Services


Distributed Antenna Systems, A Logical Combination

As operators continue to differentiate their networks, indoor coverage and capacity has become a focal point. Our in-building solutions and services are focused around meeting this indoor expectations. This includes the proper design, integration, testing, and network interaction to improve the customer experience.  SEMA Wireless on projects in various aspects of DAS, C-RAN and Small cell design, integration, optimization, and other validation services.

Other Service SEMA Wireless Currently Executes Include


Small Cell Design

Installation Solutions


Integration and scripting services

CW Testing

Indoor Design 

Turn-up Solutions

Venue Optimization


Network Benchmarking

 Using a fast scanner, drive and/ or walk test collecting with different type of scanners brands for the purpose of showing competitive ranking within an area or venue for coverage, cell overlap, quality, and user experience.

CW Testing

Connect into the head end unit with a CW transmitter. Test all individual legs of a system configuration collecting walk test data indicating expected overage from each node. Provide CW pathloss models for input to design tools such as IBWave or ATOLL/ Asset.

Indoor Design (ODAS, Small Cells, In-Building DAS, C-RAN)

Import existing drawings into IBwave for the purpose of modeling wall/structure losses in order to design a new system. By using calculated traffic demands, determine the optimal equipment manufacturer for head end, transport and far end node implementation.

Outdoor Design (ODAS, Small Cells, In-Building DAS, C-RAN)

By making use of terrain data, existing network locations and a propagation tool (IBWave or ATOLL/ Asset) , design an outdoor small area networks to provide coverage and/or capacity as prescribed by a service provider.


Turn-Up Services

Provide expert engineering guidance and leadership during a new or augmented oDAS, Small Cells, In-Building DAS, C-RAN implementation. Ensure all equipment has been tested properly and placed according to the design. Present thorough system reports to the client prior to network turn up.

Venue Optimization

Perform detailed data collection and performance monitoring through KPIs to determine soft and hard changes in order to maximize the venue or area potential.